It’s all about the poop–Baby shower diaper favors

Baby Shower diaper favor

Diaper favor, with “poop” filling

Another craft blog. I know. But I like to make things. There’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting with my best craft buddy, drinking something yummy, talking life.

Last month, we threw my sister a baby shower. Because our sense of humor is usually inappropriate, we were compelled to make these poopy diaper favors. The diaper itself was originally going to be made from cute flannel print and secured with a safety pin, but the structure wasn’t rigid enough to hold and look like a diaper. We finally came up with a pattern and traced it on scrap booking paper and was able to fit 4 to a sheet. The paper was nice and thick and held nicely. Which made safety pinning quite a hazard, hence the staple, although I should’ve glued the label over the staple to hide it.

The “poop” was chocolate covered almonds, although chocolate covered anything works. We even made a “diarrhea” one, at the request of the little Sprout, out of soft truffle, which softened really easily at room temperature into a nice mushy mess. It made a  really cute baby shower favor, but the best part was eating the “poop!”

Here’s the shower diaper template as well as a diagram of a layout of how I placed it out on a piece of 12 x 12 scrap book paper to fit 4 on a page. 

4 thoughts on “It’s all about the poop–Baby shower diaper favors

  1. Very cute! Thank you very much for your post and especially including the template and cutting diagram. I really appreciate it, and can’t wait to try these!!

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